.trust is the safer top level domain built by NCC Group to protect your websites and Internet assets.

Sunrise period is over!

You can now contact our Support team at +1 800.985.9335 to begin the onboarding process and have your company become part of the .trust community.

What is .trust?

The Internet is set to change forever, with our new .trust domain service we are making it a change for the better.

Our Continual Trust Monitoring Service (CTMS) is included with all .trust domains to help protect an organization's brand, reputation and sensitive customer information with the highest level of security and reliability.

All .trust applicants agree to abide by a set of rigorous, security control policies. Our Continual Trust Monitoring Service (CTMS) continually scans .trust websites to ensure they maintain compliance with these policies so that consumers can be sure that the site is a safe place to do business, interact and share information with.

.trust stands on three core principles:

Verify - All .trust applicants will submit identity documentation and proof of intellectual property and naming rights to help prevent misleading, abusive and malicious registrations. Organizations are verified so consumers know that .trust domains are representative of the brands they know and trust.

Secure - All registrants will abide by the security control policies and procedures, giving consumers confidence that their online transactions conducted via .trust domains will be secure and trustworthy.

Assure - Organizations within the .trust domain will be continually monitored through our Continual Trust Monitoring Service (CTMS) service for compliance with the .trust technical policies and will actively work with NCC Group experts to remediate identified issues. (Read More)

About NCC Group Secure Registrar

Offering a total information assurance solution for your business, NCC Group protects against risk.

Through an unrivalled suite of services, the Group provides organisations globally with an end to end information security solution giving them peace of mind that their most important assets are protected and operating as they should be at all times.

With integrity, capability and expert technical capability, our aim is to deliver a safer and more secure Internet world in which to navigate and transact.

Launched at the peak of the new gTLD revolution, NCC Group Secure Registrar provides companies with the necessary guidance and tools to prevail in this new landscape.

Our team of experienced domain industry professionals are committed to providing you with an end to end experience and help steer you through the new world.

We can manage your entire domain name portfolio, providing bespoke registration advice in any relevant extension - both new and old.

Our services include:

Tailored domain name registrations and portfolio consolidation in the extensions that matter to your business.

Dedicated 24/7 support team handling in-person requests and taking care of all technical aspects on your behalf.

Monitoring of available extensions for potential threats posed by third-party registrations.

Flexible Trademark Clearinghouse implementation to help you participate in the Sunrise Periods that matter.

Security Services (EV certificates) provided by default and manageable directly from your accounts.

Domain Recovery, with dedicated consultants helping you file a UDRP, a URS, or negotiate anonymously on your behalf.

While we are getting accredited in more and more extensions every day in order to accommodate your existing domain name portfolio, we are proud to allow you to express your interest in .trust right away.

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